Our Executive Leadership


Our country is run by a group of senile old men, cowed and anxious young women, and cowardly kiss-ups in service of a senile, incompetent loose cannon. Why? Because many citizens disliked Hilary Clinton’s personality. As a country, perhaps we deserve what we get. Will this wretched administration result in “lesson learned?” Or not?

I may not be as “woke” as the youngsters are so prone to demanding, but this I know: stupidity is not God’s will or God’s plan. A bull in a china cabinet is not on a secret, magical path to better results. Unchallenged abuse of power, loose lips, and careless tantrums does not produce a good civics model for our younger generations.

I literally become nauseous while reading each and every news story – no matter which venue publishes it – about our current Executive administration.

Book Review message for our times

In today’s NYT Book Review, James Goodman, a Rutgers University professor, reviews Steven Levingston’s Kennedy and King: the President, the Pastor, and the Battle Over Civil Rights. Goodman ends his review with this paragraph:

Kennedy and King will most likely leave readers thinking that what is needed today is not more leaders, a few men and women shaping our destiny, but more followers.  What is needed are ordinary people: alert, informed, engaged, mobilized, idealistic but not naive, critical but not hopeless, confident about who they are and what they want but able and inclined to work with all sorts of others, exercising rights won at enormous cost, starting with the right to vote.  What is needed, in short, are more citizens, prepared to lead our leaders toward a more promising land.”

I am inclined to agree.  I wish I could wave a magic wand and say “Let it be so.”

Once more into the breach

Once more, we must conclude that the s0-called “leader of the free world” is full of shit, to put it in Texas terms.

No one can be produced who can find any evidence that President Obama wiretapped Trump during the election, as Trump claimed in three recent tweets.

At what point does his false accusations of criminal activity – made by our nation’s chief law enforcement officer (POTUS) – become an impeachable offense?

Which is worse: total lack of credibility by our President or his alienating all of our historic ally countries?  Or is it the example of his personal spending habits?  Or perhaps his attempts to totally dismantle the Affordable Care Act?

It is hard to know how best to push back against his stupidity, recklessness, and poor judgement without creating further damage for the country and the world.  Yet, still, should there not be a collective filling in of the breach?  The terrible break in at least lip service to the struggle for good public policy?

All I can say is “I protest!” “I am embarrassed!” “Once more into the breach, people for sanity and moderation!”