Our Executive Leadership


Our country is run by a group of senile old men, cowed and anxious young women, and cowardly kiss-ups in service of a senile, incompetent loose cannon. Why? Because many citizens disliked Hilary Clinton’s personality. As a country, perhaps we deserve what we get. Will this wretched administration result in “lesson learned?” Or not?

I may not be as “woke” as the youngsters are so prone to demanding, but this I know: stupidity is not God’s will or God’s plan. A bull in a china cabinet is not on a secret, magical path to better results. Unchallenged abuse of power, loose lips, and careless tantrums does not produce a good civics model for our younger generations.

I literally become nauseous while reading each and every news story – no matter which venue publishes it – about our current Executive administration.